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German Gardenbook Award

In the year of 2006 Schloss Dennenlohe awarded the "German Garden Book Award“ for the first time and it is presented by Stihl and sponsored by Dehner - as a premium award for the German book market. Since 2010 Schloss Dennenlohe also additionally initiated the "European Garden Book Award“ which was created for the European Market and has become wildly known.

The award will be presented every year in March, 2020 on the 13th of March as part of an exclusive soiree at Schloss Dennenlohe.

If you are interested to participate please send us your books in six copies for the German Award till the 3rd of March 2020.

The members of the jury select the best books of the two categories: "Best European Photo Book“ and „Best European Garden Book“. The judges reserve their right to assign books to a different category if it is deemed necessary. 

Furthermore, please be aware, that all books must be edited in the recent year or the year before - hence, for the Award in 2020 - the book must be published in 2019 or 2020. Second editions of an older work are permitted but only if they have not yet been awarded. There are no entry fees for the competition, but if your book is nominated and wins a price, there will be an invoice for ads (200,- Euro for the third price, 300,- Euro for the second price and 400,- Euro for the first price. Nevertheless, we do need 10 books for the press work from the first winner.)

terms and conditions

European Gardenbook Award

For the "European Garden Book Award", the premium prize for the best European garden book, which is chosen by a European jury, German publishers can also submit books that they print under license or books written by European authors. The award of 2020 is divided in two categories: the Garden Photography Book and Garden Book. For participation please send three copies of the books to Dennenlohe - the books should be printed in the years of 2018, 2019 or 2020.

British writer wins first prize in the European Garden Book Awards 2019

On the 15th of March in 2019, the 13th annual European Garden Book Awards took place at Castle Dennenlohe (the largest Rhododendron parc in southern Germany).

The awards are organised by the Castle Dennenlohe and in the year 2019 publishers submitted over a 100 books to be considered by the judges.

Winner of the positively modernized ‘European Garden Book Award’ as wells as the prestigious first place of the award for the best European garden book went to Kenneth Cox for his book: ‘Woodland Gardening’ published by Glendoick.

Second place was awarded to Anette Freytag, Verena Best-Mast, et al, for ‘Les Jardins de la Gara’ (‘The Gardens of La Gara’), published by Scheidegger & Spiess.

The third place was received by Helen and William Bynum and their book ‘Das Wesen der Pflanze’, published by the Haupt Verlag in Germany. The book is also available in English under the title: ‘Botanical Sketchbooks’.

Kenneth Cox stated:

“I’m absolutely delighted to win this award, a great accolade for a book which took two years to write but a lifetime to accumulate the information for. My grandfather Euan Cox started the woodland gardens at Glendoick 100 years ago, when he returned from Burma where he was plant hunting with Reginald Farrer.

He wrote extensively about woodland gardening in books and magazines throughout the 1920s and 1930s and it is very satisfying to be able to survey this much-loved style of gardening which has received astonishly little coverage in books. Designing and restoring woodland gardens takes me all over the world and has been an opportunity to meet some of the world’s finest gardeners and to share their experiences. This leads to the fact, that this book is also an advertisement for the possibilities of self-publishing, using the editing and design team that I work with on publishing works. The first print ran out in under 6 months and the demand for the book has been exceptional.”



The European Garden Book Awards

The European Garden Book Awards have been honouring the best European gardening books for 13 years and are organised and hosted by Castle Dennenlohe in Bavaria, Germany.

Castle Dennenlohe

Built in 1734, Castle Dennenlohe is considered to be one of the most beautiful baroque castles in Bavaria. The castle is surrounded by the largest Rhododendron park in southern Germany and possesses 26 hectares of landscaped and botanical gardens.

Castle Dennenlohe also sponsors the European Garden Photography award in partnership with the International Garden Photographer of the Year.

terms and conditions

European Garden Photography Award

In addition, every year, the European Garden Photography Award will be presented since 2013 together with the English institution "International Garden Photographer of the Year" in order to promote garden photography. Closing date is always October 31st. For more information for your photographers, visit the Schlosspark Dennenlohe European Garden Award - (Special Awards).


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Schloss Dennenlohe wurde 1734 mit allen seinen Nebengebäuden erbaut und gilt als eines der schönsten Barockensembles in Bayern. Das Schloss wird vom größten Rhododendronpark Süddeutschlands sowie von einem 25 Hektar großen Landschaftsgarten umgeben.